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How it works

Continuously measure and learn the impact of prices on profit and revenue on granular level. Automatically use these learnings to optimize prices.

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  • 🌈 Great for competitive products

    Our AI continuously learns and executes optimal policy to price against competition and can react immediately to price changes.

  • 🌵 Great for non-competitive products

    Less competitive products without crawl price (e.g. private label) can be continuously optimized.

  • 💁 Shortage detection

    Automatically increase prices on products with short supply and reduce stockouts while increasing profit.

  • 📦 Overstock detection

    Automatically detect overstock products and adjust their price to increase your inventory turnover.

  • 💸 Proven impact

    Our solution achieves uplifts in the order of 10% to 15% in absolute profits.

  • 🤖 Easy integration

    We connect to your systems via pre-build interfaces or via standard-formats. If required, our data engineers will go the last mile to make integration for you as simple as possible.


Scenario Simulator

Precisely steer margin and revenue

Select your preferred point on the forecasted profit vs. revenue curve and hit your revenue and margin targets.

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React to shortage and overstock automatically

We automatically detect shortage and overstock products and adjust prices up- or downward.

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Rule Engine

Apply and configure your business-specific rules

Flexibly apply rules such as minimum margins, max/min prices, rounding and psychological price points, update frequency.

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  • 💼 Does this solution make sense for our business?

    Priceloop is a solution for ecommerce and retail companies: Ecommerce (competitive products, non-competitive/private label, fashion, with and without physical inventory), Marketplaces, Omnichannel, and Offline Retail

  • 🌈 We want to react to our competition quickly. Is an AI-based pricing solution like priceloop able to do this?

    Yes. Our AI competitive pricing module is able to react to competition immediately, because it learns the optimal competitive pricing policy. That means it continuously improves the way you react to competition. Unlike other AI solutions known to us, our competitive pricing module does not lose time after a competitor move until it sees from the data that your sales performance has dropped to figure out that the price is not optimal anymore. Our AI competitive pricing module is the next step upwards from more traditional rule-based repricing.

  • 📦 We sell only non-competitive products, e.g. private-label. Is priceloop the right solution?

    Yes, absolutely. Our AI demand module will continuously and automatically explore and learn the optimal prices for your products.

  • 🕷 Is priceloop able to provide competitor prices / crawl data?

    Yes, priceloop partners with the best data providers and integrates them for your specific assortment. Alternatively, priceloop is able to import your already existing competitor price data.

  • 🐍 Does the price optimization also work for products with small sales volume ("longtail products")?

    Yes. We developed an AI-based clustering algorithm, which dynamically clusters products based on different features. This enables the model to predict demand functions even for slow sellers and for new products with zero sales. At the same time, the clustering is dynamic so that you do not lose granularity on your products with more data.

  • 🤖 Does the solution understand the concept of cannibalization?

    Yes, the solution is able to make sure that cannibalization between products does not distort demand function estimates.

  • 🏷 We make use of promotions and/or vouchers. Will your solution still work?

    Yes, our AI can ingest your promotion and voucher data as an input and take this into consideration in optimizing your prices.

  • 💸 We do not want to change our prices too often, because it creates friction in our business processes and customer journeys. Is priceloop still a good solution?

    At priceloop, we developed a feature called "price stickiness", which makes sure that a price is only updated when the new price is expected to exceed the profit/revenue performance of the old price by a threshold which you can define. i.e. can configure that a price shall only be updated, if the expected performance uplift exceeds x%. By choosing a high value for this parameter, you will significantly decrease the amount of price changes, while making sure that the most impactful changes will still be executed without delay.

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