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With our no-code-platform, you are up and running in 7 days — customization included.*

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Out-of-the-box pricing solutions don’t fit

Don't code your pricing solution from scratch

Start lean & fast. Grow sophistication over time.

Be data driven. A/B test. Use Machine Learning.

Wait. What does “no-code” actually mean?

“No-code” refers to a new category of platforms that allow to build highly customized software significantly faster and at the same time with a lot less technical know-how. In fact, builders on our platform are often business users like pricing managers themselves. They are empowered to solve their challenges rapidly — without depending on IT departments or external vendors. In case you wonder — of course, we provide training material and workshops for builders to get anyone up to speed.

How it works

Connect your data from various sources — lightning fast

We integrate with several data sources in the ecommerce ecosystem. In case your data source is not yet integrated please let us know so that we can prioritize your needs. Of course, integrations into any custom system is also possible via our REST API.

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Pull competitor prices, weather data, currency rates and more

We use AI to automatically scrape and extract the price and many more data fields from any ecommerce product page. Simply paste in the URLs, no need to deal with CSS identifiers. In addition, we offer scraping of all major marketplaces and price listing websites globally based on GTIN/EAN or product name. We also integrate with more data sources such as weather data and currency data.

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Build any rule, any logic

Our formula syntax is easy to learn for business users. At the same time, it is powerful enough to build 99% of pricing-related use cases. For the missing 1%, you can write your own logic blocks in Python and easily integrate them on the platform. Find more about our syntax and functions below.

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Visualize your data

Data visualization is important to create transparency for all pricing stakeholders. We allow you to build your own visualizations on any data on our platform - no matter if it is data from our integrated sources or custom data.

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Use machine learning to maximize your business goals

We believe that two factors are crucial when applying machine learning in pricing. First, every larger business needs a strong rule-based system on top of which machine learning can work. Pure ML systems without such a foundation result in lack of control. Second, there needs to be transparency on the decisions taken so that the insights gained by the algorithm are shared with the pricing responsibles. Our Active Learning technology does exactly that. It allows to optimize on top of your rule-based system and keeps you in the loop on learnings about price impact and elasticities.

Active Learning


Get started!

Talk to us now and build your own use case! Also check out our Documentation.

*Time to production use can be as quick as 7 days with us! This is possible if your shop system is already connected to our platform. We are connecting more and more shop systems. Reach out to us to learn if your shop system is already connected.

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