No-Code E-commerce AI-powered Pricing Solution

Get ahead of the competition on platforms such as Magento, Shopify, or SAP Commerce Cloud with our AI pricing optimization platform.

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E-commerce tools integration

Magento / Adobe Commerce

Magento / Adobe Commerce

SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Pain points we want to solve

Lack of Scalability

Heavy reliance on IT

Lack of data driven insights

How our no-code platform works

Connect your data from various sources — lightning fast

Our platform integrates with multiple data sources within the e-commerce ecosystem, and it's also possible to integrate with custom systems through our REST API.

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Extract competitor prices and multiple data fields

Our AI-powered solution automatically extracts multiple data fields from e-commerce product pages, eliminating the need for dealing with CSS identifiers. Simply paste the URLs and let our tool do the rest.

We also offer scraping of major global marketplaces and price listing websites based on product name or GTIN/EAN.

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Build your own pricing logic

Our formula syntax is user-friendly yet powerful, enabling business users to create pricing strategies for 99% of use cases.

For the remaining 1%, users can integrate their own Python logic blocks into the platform.

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Visualize your data in real-time

We offer real-time data visualization capabilities which give you a comprehensive view of your pricing strategies and full flexibility to create your own graphs on various data sources.

Our platform helps you identify new opportunities, optimize pricing strategies, and stay competitive in the retail environment.

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surpass your business goals with machine learning

Our innovative active learning technology allows you to optimize on top of your rule-based system and gain valuable insights into price impact and elasticities, all while maintaining transparency throughout the process.

Active Learning

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