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Leverage automatic price optimization to reach your full potential on the Amazon Marketplace. *Amazon Pricing Engine

Our Amazon Pricing Engine (APE)

Active learning allowing optimized prices

No more guess work - test prices systematically

Our Machine Learning model automatically adjusts prices to understand the perfect price for each product. APE learns by itself. Once an ASIN finishes the learning phase, its listing price immediately updates to reflect the identified optimal price.

Active Learning

Save Badge visibility maximization

Unlock new Sales potential

You know the red banner that shows buyers how much they save? Our Amazon APE is able to maximize save badge visibility as they are one of the largest levers when making buying decisions on the marketplace.


Continuous analysis on ASIN level

Let our Amazon APE monitor your listings continuously

We are able to reduce the time spent on pricing by 85% while allowing sellers to profit from the data they already collect. APE learns how your customers tick and helps you optimize your pricing accordingly. Our dashboards show you all you need to know in the blink of an eye.

Continuous Analysis

Test it for yourself

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"We are fascinated by the results of APE. Compared to last year’s strong performance, we are back to similar revenue levels this year with Priceloop — at the same time, we had to sell fewer products, resulting in significantly higher profit margins"

Christian Strohecker, CEO Wellyou GmbH & Co. KG

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Next Steps

  • 💻 Connect your Amazon Account

    Priceloop is a solution for ecommerce and retail companies. Our Automatic Pricing Engine, short APE, focuses on the Amazon marketplace. Log in for free and connect your Amazon Seller Account within minutes.

  • 📊 Add your COGS and the minimum price margin that you aim for

    There is some information you do not share with Amazon but you want it still covered in your pricing strategy. This is why you can upload your COGS and your minimum price directly onto our platform.

  • 🧞‍♀️ Priceloop automatically analyzes your portfolio

    Yes, it is that simple. You can lean back as APE starts exploring your optimal prices. Our dashboards allow you a comprehensive overview at all times. No more unwanted manual adjustments as your digital assistant keeps your prices in check.

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